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Sean Bai

My first science fiction book, Whispers of War (Aliens Among the Stars Book 1) is available now.

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Up above in the top right hand corner, you can read my reviews of science fiction and fantasy books to get a list of what I'm currently reading. If you've read some of those books, it may inform you about my writing style.

Update 1: Book 2 will be out in 2022. It was pushed back from 2021 due to personal reasons (health and pandemic-related).

- September 24, 2021

Update 2: Hi everyone. So sorry, but I have to push book 2 back to 2023. I am almost done writing book 2. I have about 30-50 pages left.

The book will be nearly 500 pages long, double the length of my first book.

Editing will take double the time and Amazon pays me up to 60-90 days after a sale (November sales count as January income) and for tax purposes, it's better for me to do the professional editing and publish my book next year.

Book 2 isn't longer because I put a lot of filler in it. I can assure you, filler content with words to pad the pages is not something I like to read, watch, or write.

I'm writing content in a way that I like to read, so everything that comes down on my pages is written with intention. Fights, character development, etc. all have a purpose, and I eventually wrap up my stories toward the end.

If you haven't picked up my first book, it will be free from May 26 - May 30.

- May 22, 2022

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