Sean Bai

My first science fiction book, Whispers of War (Aliens Among the Stars Book 1) is available on Amazon.

If you purchase my book, please consider reviewing it, as it cost me $4000 for the cover, editing, and formatting. I need reviews in order to sell more books so I can afford the editing for book 2. People won't buy my book if there are no reviews (as of January 12th, 2021, with 77 copies sold and 3000 downloads, there are none), and if not enough people buy my book, I can't get reviews, so it's a Catch-22.

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Up above in the top right hand corner, you can read my reviews of science fiction and fantasy books to get a list of recommend or not recommend reading and my influences. If you've read some of those books, it may inform you about my writing style.


Sean Bai

January 12, 2021