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Writing Fight Scenes: Part Two

My last post covered how to write fight scenes, focusing on necessary and relevant details and not going off topic into inner monologue. This post will go into how to write scenes, with an emphasis on action and result.

Consider this example: "I grounded myself, lashing out with the flat of my right foot. It connected with the inside of his right knee, and he buckled. Then I whipped my left fist into his nose, and blood flew."

As I said in my last post, this fight is detailed and to the point, but I've also added action and result. There isn't much time for inner monologue beyond a few scared thoughts or adrenaline. This is NOT the time to be talking about your character's backstory. Nobody wants that infodump right now.

Here's what I mean by "action". I only included the relevant actions, such as "grounding myself" so I don't lose balance while kicking, "lashing ... with foot", "connecting ... with knee" and "whipping ... my fist". That's all you need. You don't need to talk about how the main character learned how to fight in the slums. Just focus on the short actions happening here, the ones that are necessary to win the fight.

And here's what I mean by "result": "he buckled", and "blood flew". These are the results of the actions above. Fight scenes are like an intricate dance of people acting and reacting. That's all there is to it and real fights are often over in a few minutes. Note: this excludes space battles and ground warfare between races who may or may not know how to use magic.

So to summarize, the last post was about being detailed, to the point, and cutting out unnecessary dialogue. This post adds more, about what specifically to add. If your fight scenes are boring when people are reading your book, they might get a refund. Fight scenes are supposed to convey vivid imagery and are the climaxes in the book. If they're boring then most of the book will be boring.

Note: This image was free on wix, and I don't know any of these people in real life

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