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Whispers of War (Aliens Among the Stars Book 1)

April 6, 2019


An alien war.

The catlike alien asked the humans to fight in an alien war.

He meowed that he was looking for a multicultural crew.

Can you believe that?

An alien ship crashed on Earth 5,000 years ago, throwing our solar system into a temporal bubble - no time has passed outside our solar system.

In 2023, humanity sent ships into space. They were never heard from again.

It is now 2030, ten years after a government shutdown that never ended.

A jackal-like alien almost killed Terry Chang. Now he and his friends must venture out into the unknown, where multiple alien races are on the verge of war.

Turns out mythology is not so mythical after all.

Trigger warnings: extreme violence, and thoughts of depression and suicide. If you are racist, you also will not like the multicultural cast.

If you liked the Stargate series, Ender's Game, the Earthrise Series, the Koban series, and the Expeditionary Force series, you'll like this.

Cover design and map (below) are copyright, created by Tom Edwards. 


Author's note: I've finished writing my book and am currently in the process of editing. I have to delay the book to early 2020, as I'm still figuring out how fast I can write and edit, what the rules are, etc.