Whispers of War
(Aliens Among the Stars Book 1)


An alien war.

The feline alien asked the humans to fight in an alien war.

Can you believe that?

An alien research vessel crashed on Earth 5,000 years ago, throwing our solar system into a temporal bubble. No time has passed outside our solar system.

It is now 2030, ten years after a government shutdown that never ended.

A blood-red alien almost killed Terry Chang. Now he and his friends must head into space, where five alien species are at each other's throats.

Can a crew of humans and aliens stop an intergalactic war before it's too late?

Trigger warnings: violence.

If you liked the Expeditionary Force and Earthrise Series, Ender's Game, and Stargate, you'll like this.

Cover design and map (below) are copyright, created by Tom Edwards. 



Escalation of War
(Aliens Among the Stars Book 2)

Work in Progress. Coming out in 2022. Pushed back from 2021 due to personal reasons.

Book is 75% complete. After completion, it will be edited.