Writing Fight Scenes: Part Two

#WritingCommunity #amwriting My last post covered how to write fight scenes, focusing on necessary and relevant details and not going off topic into inner monologue. This post will go into how to write scenes, with an emphasis on action and result. Consider this example: "I grounded myself, lashing out with the flat of my right foot. It connected with the inside of his right knee, and he buckled. Then I whipped my left fist into his nose, and blood flew." As I said in my last

How to Write Fight Scenes

#WritingCommunity #amwriting So, you want to know how to write fight scenes in your novel? A quick disclaimer, I'm no expert on martial arts, but I'm attempting to combine what I learned from a friend, with writing, into this blog post. The internet is filled with people who say one style is better than another, or another style is useless. However, this fighting style was developed in China, and China has been using martial arts for thousands of years so I think we got it co